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Where Are You At Right Now? We understand how hard it is sometimes to start an exercise program. Everyone is so busy these days with work, family comittments, businesses and what not, it's very easy to let your health and fitness slide. The most common thing I hear is that people are just not motivated to consistently stick to a training regime. Most everyone knows what to eat, most everyone knows that they need to do some cardio and most everyone knows that some fitness and strength training will help them lose weight and keep it off, but they don't do it because their is a lack of drive or that they need someone who is going to help them and push them.                        

Who Are We? We are a group of Padstow Personal Trainers who have a combined 25 plus years experience and who have come together to formulate a truly effective fat loss and toning workout in Sydney's South West. We have literally locked ourselves up in a room together, pulled out every file and every workout and every diet we have ever written and constructed a system that will get you into the best shape of your life no matter what body type, shape or fitness level.

Being a Personal Trainer Padstow sometimes we don't get the recognition of the high flying Sydney CBD Based Personal Trainers. But what we lack in prestige we make up for results. You could say we have a PhD in results. Our PT Team comprises of Paul, Mick, Robert, Bill and Shazza all of whom are Nationally Accredited and Registered Health and Fitness Professionals with Fitness Australia. The above before and after photos are exact and legitimate representation of some of our clients results.

What Are Our Program About? Our Exercise and Nutrition Programs are a culmination of Interval, Plyometric, Circuit-Based and Dynamic Functional Exercise done the Padstow Personal Training Way. What sets us apart is our programs are designed to work with each individuals metabolism and hormonal functionality. It has taken us time to discover how important a combination of water intake, deep diaphramtically breaths, hormones, amount of rest and sleep and overall metabolism work synergistically together to shed bodyfat. A natural and sensible diet to eliminate toxins and plenty of rest will produce dramatic results. Our system endeavours to turn back the clock and make the most of how nature intended us to live. As Padstow Personal Trainers we are comitted to your success.

Will Our Programs Work For You? Our programs are custom designed to each individual, so they are not only scalable but each component of your program is specific for your goals. Our clients range from teenage kids to over 70 years young adults, from a total exercise beginner to a savvy sports athlete. As a Personal Trainer in Padstow we want nothing more than to produce excellent results for all of our clients and have them as raving fans. We rely on word of mouth to get the word out there and the best way we've found to do this is by making it our mission in life to get people great results. But don't get me wrong, if you eat junk, don't rest and do not implement our home exercise program as part of your homework the program will not work for you! But if you listen and action our program and what we teach you then you will receive amazing results.

Why Us? We fuse cutting-edge nutrition with a dynamic home exercise program. Nutrition is the cornerstone of weight loss and nobody does weight loss like a Padstow Weight Loss Specialist. All our Trainers specialise in weight loss and weight management. Eating correctly boosts your metabolism and burns fat. We ensure accountability surrounding your home exercise program to ensure you are getting the most out of your program. Each home program is specifically tailored and custom designed to your current goals, fitness levels and lifestyle. Now for our one on one workouts which offer a fun, fast-paced and effective metabolic stimulus which can burn calories fast. Variety is very important and our private studio is equipped with the most up to date and state of the art fitness equipment. We take the guess work out of training and provide you every tool necessary to get you that winning body.

Years of trial and error have culminated in a system that produces dependable results.

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